Drifting in West Africa

by Yuyang Liu

West Africa is one the last most biodiversity rich waters in the planet. Greenpeace is working on moving west African countries and major foreign fishing powers (China and European Union) towards sustainable fishery in the region.

China is now the largest fishing power in West Africa, who can play an important role in the process of moving the region towards sustainable fishery. In recent years, Greenpeace has investigated and exposed Chinese distant water industry’s problematic practices in West African oceans, also have been working extensively on policy research urging Chinese government to overhaul its subsidies programs for China’s distant water fishing industry.

The photo story that is shot in Mauritania, Senegal and Guinea-Bissau is to witness and visualize existing ocean problems in West Africa. We would like to fully display, in the West Africa photo story, China’s distant water fishing related activities in West Africa on the sea and on the shore separately, and to show local artisanal fishermen’s life and how they have been affected by industrial fishing giants.


Credits: Yuyang Liu/ Greenpeace