My deadly, beautiful city

by  Victoria Fiore

My Deadly, Beautiful City uncovers the veiled world of a Siberian Arctic mining city and how an unstoppable, unconditional passion for industrial wastelands makes its people blind to the threatening reality they face.

Their relationship with their deadly beautiful world is a chilling mirror of our own attitudes towards the earth.



11 minutes

Directed and Produced by Victoria Fiore

Cinematography by Alfredo de Juan

Asst Production/ Research by Elena Chernyshova, Bec Sanderson and Claire Bracegirdle

Edited by Victoria Fiore and Florence Kennard

Sound design by Tim Matthews

Additional sound by Antwerp

Colour Grading by Lewis Crossfield at Electric Theatre Collective

Graphics by Juan Albis

Commissioned by the New York Times Op-Docs: Kathleen Lingo, Lindsay Crouse and Jason Spingarn-Koff