Love Studio

by Samsul Alam Helal

Love Studio is a portrait series about a studio in Jurain, Dhaka. This is a commercial area and it’s home to numerous industries.  Many who work here strive for a better life but nothing much changes in their world and life continues in the same way.  For them, the studio offers a chance to perform any role they want and escape from the reality of their life. The scenic backdrop is versatile where people from all walks of life can become a hero, a king or act out their dreams and hopes.


I started this project in Love Studio, an old studio of that area. The people in my portraits mostly work in the factories nearby and some of them are unemployed. They struggle to have a better life in whatever way they find. I myself live in this area, and I have observed their hard lives up-close.


I enjoy representing reality in an alternate space. In the harsh reality of people struggling, unable to live their dreams, and for me this seems to be the rare moment of self-release. What we see isn't necessarily the whole story, and when I take pictures, I try to delve into the fictional aspects of the story.