Mumbai Bound, by Souleyman Messalti


Mumbai Railway Station is one of the busiest and densely populated places in the world. Here converges several national lines, but also suburban lines, the last ones, the oldest in all of Asia.

At a frenetic pace that only stops for about an hour a day, more than 6 million people transit through Mumbai Central, trying to get a place in crowded carriages at rush hour, in journeys between home and work that often arrive at five hours daily spent in a train. It is then easy to understand that this place and the train become an extension of the day to day for all these people. This is where they spend countless hours of their lives.

Photographer Souleyman Messalti, in addressing this theme, chooses to take this connection between man and machine, in an ambivalent relation of mutual complementarity, in which both the human and the railway system can be seen as extensions of the other.

In his images, human reality is often filtered through the metal bars that cover windows and symbolically serve as a "prison"consented and necessary to millions of lives, who every day need to embark on these iron monsters to be able to reach their destinations.


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