Education is Forbidden,

by Rahima Gambo


Rahima Gambo, with the support of the IWMF, carried out a work of enormous depth, intimacy and importance for a better understanding of the phenomenon of extremism in Nigeria, which has in Boko Haram its main actor.

The degree of violence of this pro-Isis group is transversal to the whole society, but it has had special emphasis in the school community. Rahima, focuses precisely on this direct attack on free-thinking, on the right to non-religious education, and often to freedom itself. A form of oppression that, when inflicted upon the younger and more capable, severely affects a whole society.

In this dense, intimate and sensitive work, with a strong visual experimentation, the author documents in the first person the reports of startling and fear experienced by witnesses and interveners of the attacks in the state of Borno, which had great international media attention when about two thousand Nigerian student girls were abducted and kept, much of them to the present day as slaves of the rebel group. Outside of the media agenda, thousands of lives keep remain in suspense, in captivity or in supposed freedom, whom every day insist on walking to destroyed schools, almost closed or without teachers, and in which, fear, uncertainty and doubt, increasingly occupy empty tables in the classrooms.

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