Applause for the Lord, by Mattia Insolera


Mattia Insolera documents in this photographic essay the religion as an aggregating element and as a possible factor of social inclusion in one of the communities of the Iberian peninsula that has always had the stigma of prejudice and rejection: the gypsy community.

By accompanying and witnessing the cult of the Iglesia, the Spanish evangelical church created by gypsies but open to everyone and currently in great expansion, the author transposes to his images a mixture of feelings of ritual, catharsis and sharing. The exploration of light and shadow in the construction of the image confers on this work a symbolic and almost dramatic charge, in which the characters of the action transform themselves into almost alive paintings of ecstasy, surrender and renewal.

In this particular case, religion, which is often the cause of conflicts and separations imposed, is here approached by the author as a singular element that fosters union and acceptance.


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