Maputo, Ethnography of a Divided City by João Graça and Fábio Ribeiro


In Maputo, Ethnography of a Divided City, João Graça and Fábio Ribeiro document a ramified city, in accelerated growth and where several worlds coexist, as independent parcels that together form a same living organism that is the city. The vision they present to us is the one that gives voice to those who inhabit the spaces every day, to those who think them and to whom it wants changes.

Far away from a guided tour, this film goes on to show the neighborhoods and territories, from the zones under construction to the minority that can afford it, to the disorganized and unhealthy peripheries, where show room apartments of the tall towers become a bitter joke.

The portrait is done in a critical way and from the experiences of those who inhabit the city. Ten stories of life intersect in this film piece, in environments and realities as different as the group of people who constitute a society, transposing nationalities, social strata, stigmas or aspirations of life.

Inequalities and difficulties are present in the people discourses, but also in the point of view of the filmmakers, who, through some specificities on the construction of shots, in the choice of framing or in the sometimes deliberate disappearance of direct sound, leads us to a reflection on the way in which large, tall and uneven cities are built, founded on fragile foundations that, like the earth, can dissolve in the near future, in an upcoming rainy season.


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