The Wall, by Griselda San Martin


At a time when forced separations and new imposed boundaries are intensifying, this essay by Griselda San Martin emerges with great pertinence.

When documenting a situation that is not new (the physical barrier at the Mexico / USA border) but which has gained new prominence with the Trump administration, the author approaches this situation by a particular view, the side of affection and human relation.

The escalation of securitarism and intolerance is a reality not only here, but is a growing propensity across the world, accompanied increasingly by the resurgence of xenophobic political ideas and totalitarian tendencies. Many walls have been erected, but without the real problems that lead to them having undergone changes.

In The Wall, to the imposition of iron, tight-knit fences and prohibition of physical contact, superimposes the human relationship, sharing and affection, as a meeting point of people which in some way, represents all who find themselves separated from their relatives by barriers against which they can not fight.

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