Near Dark: The Battle for Mosul

by Martyn Aim

A climate for conflict

by Nichole Sobecki

Land Inc.,

by Terra Project


by Rémi Chauvin

Away from home in Istanbul,

by Oscar Durand

There's no place like home,

by Claudio Menna

Ortega's Nicaragua,

by Emanuele Giovagnoli


by Muyi Xiao

Love Studio,

by Samsul Alam Helal

Mumbai Bound,

by Souleyman Messalti

Timber Trafficking in the Amazon

by Fellipe Abreu

The Day That Had Become Night,

by Luisa Neves Soares and Pedro Sousa Raposo


by Nazik Armenakyan

Applause for the Lord,

by Mattia Insolera

Drifting in West Africa,

by Yuyang Liu

Migrant’s plight in frozen Belgrade,

by Paulo Nunes dos Santos

The loss, the fight and the wait,

by Pedro Sousa Raposo


by Violeta Santos Moura

Education is Forbidden,

by Rahima Gambo

The Wall,

by Griselda San Martin