The Portuguese language has been, for several centuries, a link between Portugal, Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe, East Timor, Goa and Macao, reinforcing an historical, cultural and affective relationship existing between all these people.

This undeniable connection between distinct cultures assures the same feeling of sharing and belonging, similar to several geographies, cultures and everyday life. The mutual misgivings and mistrust from the past didn’t bring any profit for anyone, so the time has come to affirm our cultural maturity and to converge on common and fruitful goals for everyone.


IODO is also a platform to reunite and disseminate authors from these countries, assuming itself as a reference on their future assignment and representation. It is therefore a strategic line of action of IODO to create the necessary conditions for the development of documentary work in all these countries. In a globalized and highly competitive world, creating centers of convergence and specialization is a decisive factor for common success. At the same time, having its offices in Europe, IODO is located in an important area of influence for the dissemination of documentary works. The task initiated by IODO in the contact with editors, publications, NGOs, festivals, etc., aims to create the conditions for the distribution of the work of our authors, making it reach the general public.


In some of these countries, the authors who work the documentary are few and those who exist sometimes have great difficulties in producing and spreading their work, whether for logistical or financial reasons, or even because everything is still to be done. IODO, as a non-profit organization, intends to raise funds that may involve the execution of pertinent projects presented to us by the authors. On the other hand, IODO can also propose a particular work and to do so, to appeal to an author who is on the ground or who wishes to go there. The work of authors produced in the space of the CPLP / Goa and Macao has for IODO a strategic relevance, since our organization intends to be a reference in the confluence of works done in these countries and regions.

The authors can contact IODO so that, with the means at our disposal (Financing, Logistics, Material, etc.) we can help the production / agency of these works.


We look for the cross-breeding of authors and the creation of joint proposals of work for precise objectives. With this purpose, IODO is establishing contacts with numerous institutions for funding projects or collective participation in exhibitions, festivals, seminars, etc.

We also intend to create a close relationship with local institutions in different countries and regions (NGOs, Universities, Institutes, etc.), so we can, together, define strategies and confluences.

Photography and Film are nowadays effective weapons in denouncing relevant problems in our society. By working with these institutions, IODO intends to join the vanguards of the field and to contribute as much as possible to a more fair society.


 Because we understand the space of lusophony as a common space, like a patio to all our houses, where the sea is our common border, we seek that IODO can also be a meeting and sharing point between authors from these countries, and an exponent of their documentary work, reinforcing their visibility and dissemination, and enabling the discovery of new authors.


We want to strengthen ties and networks with photographers, filmmakers and videographers from the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) / Goa and Macao with a consistent documentary production about the contemporary reality of these countries, in ethical, critical and challenging approaches that promote a greater knowledge of problems, challenges and singularities.


We are sure that our work will contribute to a more clarified society, based on cultural diversity, which rejects political or religious fanaticism, not imprisoned by big information industries, and generating nonconformist, subversive and transforming agents, capable of, with their action, giving more world to the world.

For our part, we have the duty of Ethics and especially the deep passion to See, to Document and to Think about the Human Condition.


We'll see you around.