IODO presents itself as a non-profit organization, headed by Luisa Neves Soares and Pedro Sousa Raposo, dedicated to disclosure, production, agency and representation, and also a space for reflection about documentary photography and film.


IODO arises from the desire to give voice and greater critical space to current and committed documentary creation in an approach to the contemporary real, problematizing it, questioning it and interpreting it, reflecting the current world and all its contradictions.

This is a space where we combine documentary creation per se, but also its analysis, theoretical reflection and production of critical thinking.


“Eppur si muove”


The Author is the center of our activity, and it is with him, with his reflection and with his point of view that we want to build an open work, free from external commitments and reductive ideas.


We thus counteracted a tendency of reduction of the author to a mere character who registers an outlined situation or performs a task, subordinating him to a secondary intervention.


We privilege the authorial, immersive and critical perspective, with a strong social and ethical commitment in the subjects represented, seeking to give greater visibility to the conscious and consistent documentary production, that has less and less space in the media, through the diffusion of different visual languages such as photography, film or visual essay.


Today's world is in unprecedented acceleration.With the advent of the new globalization, society has become eager for information, consuming and discarding it with enormous voracity, alienated by ephemeral, reductive and sometimes false, locomotives of information.


Some of the changes we have imposed on the world have left vulnerable millions of human beings. The prospects that the planet would forever witness a radical change in poverty, war, or social rights fell apart. We see today that in many of these aspects the regression is huge.


We foment seeing, documenting and thinking the human condition through photography and film, thus bringing current stories about various topics and aspects, in the face of this great challenge that is the "human being" in its enormous diversity and complexity.


We promote theoretical reflection on themes and mediums, analyzing and questioning documentary production, photojournalism, the approach to themes, and the various ethical and aesthetic implications, through critical reflection and the production of thought by several authors.


We have established an international network that brings together photographers, filmmakers, videographers and theorists, in an independent platform that assumes itself as a meeting point for authors committed to the real that they portray, and also as a motor of discussion of the state of the art regarding a theoretical reflection about the documentary practice in the image, with all its implications.


We are sure that our work will contribute to a more clarified society, based on cultural diversity, which rejects political or religious fanaticism, is not imprisoned to big information industries, and generating nonconformist, subversive and transforming agents, capable of, with their action, giving more world to the world.

For our part we have the duty of Ethics and especially the deep passion to See, to Document and to Think about the Human Condition.


We'll see you around.