||| Violeta Santos Moura |||


Freelance photojournalist and journalist born in Vila Real de Trás-os-Montes, Portugal.

Her reporting has taken her from covering Portugal and Spain, amidst the European economic crisis, to the Middle East, covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as photojournalist and correspondent for several media outlets.

Both her photography and writing can be seen in publications such as Al Jazeera English [Qatar], Foreign Affairs [US], El País [Spain], The International Business Times [UK], AJ+, Haaretz [Israel], The Week [US], WOZ Die Wochenzeitung [Switzerland], RFI — Radio France Internationale [France], LUSA — Portuguese News Agency [Portugal], Público [Portugal], among others.

She was named by TIME Magazine’s photojournalism section ‘Lightbox’ as one of 34 Female Photographers to Follow.

She has lived and worked in Israel/Palestine, Portugal, Morocco, Poland, Spain and hold a Journalism Masters from the Barcelona University.


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