||| Pedro Sousa Raposo |||


Pedro Sousa Raposo is a Portuguese photographer and director based in Portugal.

Though he graduated in Drama Studies, photography has been in his life forever. He fell under its spell at a young age, in the editorial room of  a Portuguese newspaper.

“For me, a photograph is born in the dark room. The film, the first glance, the enlargement.”

At the moment he is working in two long term projects. A project about the big industrial changes that affected Portugal and the economic, social and identity consequences they have brought about and a project dealing with the migrations and borders issues in Europe.

He also works on many themes in the area of social and documental photography.

In 2011 he directs his first documentary film, “Same Time Tomorrow”, a raw approach to the labour in the Douro. This documentary has been shown in several film festivals such as Festival Panorama (Portugal) 2012, Official Selection KIMFF (Nepal) 2011, Official Selection FRICINE (Brazil) 2011, Official Selection BANKSO FILM FESTIVAL ( Bulgaria) 2012.

In 2014 he worked as photography director in the documentary “TRAMA”, directed by Luísa Soares, a journey to the world of the former workers in the wool factories of Serra da Estrela which are now closed.


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