||| Oscar Durand |||


Independent photo and video journalist.

From 2002 to 2009 lived in the United States where started working as a photojournalist. He graduated from the photojournalism program of the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York.

Between 2010 and 2014, was based in Lima, Peru, his homeland. He criss-crossed the country documenting environmental and social issues for news outlets and humanitarian organizations. During this time, co-founded Everyday Latin America, an Instagram community with the goal of presenting an accurate portrait of the region.

He was always been interested in the subject of migrations, human movement and all the different reasons that makes people leave behind the familiar for the unknown, maybe because of his own family –migrants from the interior of the country to the capital and then to the exterior.

This interest in migration is what now brings him to Turkey, pursuing stories related to the refugee crisis and its aftermath.

Working as a photographer and videographer for magazines, newspapers and humanitarian organizations, his work has been featured by Catholic News Service, Maclean’s, Quartz, PRI ’s The World, The Guardian, The New York Times, Vocativ, Glamour Magazine, National Geographic Traveler, Catholic Relief Services, Shared Interest, Unicef, and World Vision, among others.


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