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FÁBIO RIBEIRO (1982), is a Director and Cinematographer who has been developing documentaries on topics of marginality, social exclusion and cultural identity. Graduated in Cinematography from the Superior School of Theater and Cinema of Lisbon (ESTC) and previously in Film Editing by the Technical School of Image and Communication (ETIC), he has already filmed in several places of the European, American and African continents. Co-coordinator of the audiovisual department of Creative Studio ANIMA, he develops and produces documentaries on social development issues for the European Union, UNESCO, UNICEF, OIT, GIZ, and SNV among others.

He has a deep knowledge of the field in Mozambique, having continuously carried out projects in his 10 provinces, since he settled there in 2010.

Among his films,  stands out "Maria", which had won the 2007 International Journalist Awards, and “Aleluia” that in 2008 received honorable mentions in the Encontros de Cinema de Viana and in the 16º Curtas Vila do Conde.

The documentary "Maputo - Ethnography of a Divided City", which debuted at the Bergen International Film Festival 2015, is his first feature film.


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