||| Cristiane da Silveira Lima |||


Professor of Communication and Multimedia courses, State University of Maringá (UEM).

PhD from the Graduate Program in Social Communication at UFMG, with the research "Music on stage: listening to the Brazilian documentary", funded by CAPES.

She has a Doctoral internship in the Département d'Histoire de l'Art et d'Études Cinématographiques, Université de Montréal (Canada), within the research laboratory La Création Sonore - Cinéma, Arts Médiatiques et Arts du Son, through the Program Doctorate Sandwich Abroad (PDSE - CAPES).

She holds a master's degree in Social Communication (PPGCOM-UFMG) and a bachelor's degree in Radialism (DCS-UFMG), with complementary training in Music.

She currently coordinates the extension project CINUEM, linked to the Pro-Rectory of Extension and Culture of UEM.


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