||| Clarissa Oliveira Nanchery |||


Master in Media and Audiovisual Processes by ECA / USP (2013), holds a degree in Media Studies with an emphasis in audiovisual, from the Fluminense Federal University (2010) and in Portuguese / French Literature, by the State University of Rio de Janeiro (2009).

She is currently the Pedagogical Coordinator of the project Inventar com a diferença - Cinema e Direitos Humanos/ Inventing with difference - Cinema and Human Rights, conducted by UFF / SDH and brings the recent experience of the CINEAD - Cinema para Aprender e Desaprender/Cinema for Learning and Unlearning Project (FE-UFRJ), where she worked as a researcher, director, professor at the CAp-UFRJ School of Cinema and in the creation of six film schools in public teaching institutions in the State of Rio de Janeiro.


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